One single plant, but masses of flowers: that’s the Florallure Sublime Orchid for you.
The stylish, luxurious look and fresh colours make this the perfect feature in every home. Cheer up your surroundings with Florallure.

Florallure Red Emperor


It’s not by chance that Florallure is called the ‘Sublime Orchid’. It is a collection with only the finest quality Dendrobium Nobilé. The Florallure comes in a range of different colours, from fresh white to intense pink and its flowers are in two colours. Complete collection

Florallure Irene Smile


Fortunately Dendrobium Nobilé attracts more attention than it demands. Follow the care instructions for light levels, temperature, water and feeding. Add a little love and you’ll enjoy your Florallure for 6 lovely long weeks.

Florallure Apollon

where can you buy one?

A Dendrobium Nobilé from Florallure is easy to order online via Also the nursery shop is open on Saturdays, click here for opening times and location. Florallure also distributes to the best flower shops.

dendrobium nobilé

The Dendrobium Nobilé stands out from other types of orchid for its group of flowers that develop by the join in each leaf. The fragrant blooms are between five and eight cm wide and you can find around 100 growing on each plant. You will mostly buy a Florallure when all the blossoms are still in bud, and these will open up after around 5 days to give a mass of flowers.

a mass of flowers

the grower

The Florallure is grown in Delfgauw. The family business De Hoog Orchids has been growing flowers ever since 1928 and has specialised in Dendrobium Nobilé since 1990. This modern company employs all the latest methods in the areas of lighting, refrigeration and logistics, and operates to the highest environmental standards.